CNC Machining Services


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我们为航空航天、汽车、电气元件、医疗设备和一般工业市场生产高精度 CNC 机加工零件和机械组件。我们最先进的制造设施使用最新的 CNC 加工技术

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Benefits of contract CNC machining services

Benefits of contract CNC machining services

CNC machining is one of the most common outsourcing services in the processing and manufacturing industry. Contract CNC machining services are a strategic business model that allows production companies to collaborate with capable CNC component manufacturers. Production companies outsource their CNC services to component manufacturers for mass production of components, or in some cases, final products. The benefits of contract CNC machining services are: the freedom to choose capable CNC machining service companies; Obtaining advanced CNC precision machining equipment; Professional knowledge that adds value; Third party quality monitoring. But to achieve the above benefits, you must choose the ideal contract CNC processing service provider.

CNC Swiss Screw Processing Services

CNC Swiss screw processing services enable CNC machining companies to provide high-quality precision turning parts. CNC Swiss Screw Machining Services is a reduced material manufacturing (i.e. mechanical processing) process using Swiss type processing equipment. Its difference is that it uses a guide sleeve to minimize the distance between the spindle and the tool. This design difference results in less bending of the workpiece, resulting in deflection of the cutting surface. This process is typically used for precision manufacturing of small cylindrical parts and large-scale products. Can efficiently produce complex parts.

Customized CNC machining services

Customized CNC machining services, including CNC milling, CNC turning, EDM, wire cutting EDM, and surface finish. Customized CNC machining companies have three axis CNC machine tools, four axis CNC machine tools and five axis CNC machining centers, which can provide on-demand rapid prototyping and small batch manufacturing customization services. Customized CNC processing services can choose any type of material (metal, plastic, stainless steel, etc.) for processing. Whether you need rapid prototyping or on-demand manufacturing, customized CNC machining services will be the best choice. Contact a customized CNC machining service manufacturer to complete your CNC machining service project.