CNC Machining Services


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我们为航空航天、汽车、电气元件、医疗设备和一般工业市场生产高精度 CNC 机加工零件和机械组件。我们最先进的制造设施使用最新的 CNC 加工技术

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Ordinary CNC metal processing services

Common CNC metal processing services?

What are the most common CNC metal processing services?

  • 1. CNC milling machine is the most common and commonly used method for processing aluminum parts. This machine uses rotary cutting tools to efficiently and accurately cut materials from stationary material blocks.
  • 2. CNC metal lathes or CNC metal turning centers firmly grip and rotate the workpiece, while the cutting head holds the tool or drill bit onto the workpiece. These machines can remove materials with high precision and provide CNC machining services for manufacturers to use in a wide range of industries.
  • 3. The CNC plasma cutting machine heats compressed air to a very high temperature to produce a “plasma arc” that can melt up to 6 inches of metal thickness. The plasma cutting machine is fast, accurate, relatively easy to use, and reasonably priced.
  • 4. CNC laser machines melt, burn, or evaporate materials to form cutting edges. Similar to a plasma cutting machine, the sheet is placed flat on the cutting table and the computer controls the path of a high-power laser beam.
  • 5. Laser cutting machines consume less energy and have higher accuracy than plasma cutting machines, especially when cutting thin plates. Cutting thick or dense materials requires high-quality and expensive laser cutting machines.
  • 6. CNC water jet uses extremely high pressure water jet to force material cutting through a narrow nozzle. Water alone is sufficient to cut soft materials such as wood or rubber. In order to cut hard materials such as metal or stone, operators usually mix abrasive with water.

CNC milling machine service manufacturer

CNC milling is a part manufacturing technology performed with the help of high-speed automatic cutting machines, aimed at removing unnecessary materials from the parts. CNC milling machines from CNC milling service factories come in a variety of sizes, capacities, and axial configurations to choose from. CNC milling machine service manufacturers can process various materials, such as plastic, resin, aluminum, etc., but are designed specifically for processing harder materials such as stainless steel and titanium, with high accuracy and precision. Suitable for CNC precision machining.

Advantages of CNC milling machine processing services

CNC milling machines provide many advantages for CNC machining service companies. Unlike lathes, milling machines are multifunctional machines that can create various shapes. CNC milling services can use various tools to serve different operations, such as rough machining and end milling. It can also be used to add details to turned, molded, or 3D printed parts. CNC milling services are also fast, repeatable, and cost-effective in small batches.